Week 7: Web 2.0 Assignment/ Twitter Reflection

Web 2.0 Assignment:

For the Web 2.0 assignment I started with the Glogster portion on the State of Alabama facts for elementary students. This would be a great introduction for them to ease into a study on the state of Alabama in a mini social studies unit. They have access to fun facts they can take notes on and use to begin research on certain Alabama cities.

They would also view the Animoto video I created previewing certain landmarks in some important Alabama cities. They could use one of these for research purposes or pick another in one of the cities mentioned.

Lastly, I created two review games as the third Web 2.0 Resource on Classtools.net

First, a flashcard review game:http://www.classtools.net/widgets/quiz_91/Alabama_Fact_Quiz_tClqK.htm

Secondly, a matching game with Alabama facts they must know about the state:

Twitter Reflection:

Upon beginning this Technology in Education class, I was unsure of which types of technology we would be involved in. A bit hesitate to go all out and create a blog  and twitter because I always said I would never be the one to use those forms of social media. Mainly because I am not always dedicated to staying up to date and posting on a frequent basis. I had never used twitter and had only seen social posts nothing more so I was unaware of the up to date information that could be found on educational topics. As the semester continued I stuck with the “tweeting” and reading articles and other links and slowly grew to warm up to the idea of twitter for education development.

I am not certain that I would use it with my students in the beginning, as I still have a lot to learn myself. However, this could be a good resource for teachers to use on a grade level for ideas, lessons, technology products and app suggestions. It would be great to have other teachers tweeting ideas to implement on grade level instead of being the only class to try new things. It would be great for conversation starters at data meetings and planning periods to see what works best for the students.

Three tweeters I found most helpful this semester were Punflay, Edutopia and Scholastic Teachers. Punflay was a great resource for apps for iPhone and iPad for students. They had a wealth of information on what resources are most helpful in different fields of study. Edutopia was helpful in giving insight as to what works in the classroom, how to reach students in new ways and how to work together as a teacher team to broaden teaching styles and students horizons. Scholastic Teachers gives up to date reading materials and ideas to reach across the curriculum and standards to make learning more unique and fun for all involved.

Overall, even after starting out as a skeptic of twitter; I have found interesting tips and advice to learn and grow myself as an educator. My teaching style will be affected as will my attitude. I am more open at this point to new technology. Instead of being so hard against the changes and new experiences; I am rolling in the wealth of awesome information they bring about.

Twitter Reference:
RT Interesting @web20classroom: Elements Of A Digital Classroom: http://bit.ly/YGHgGP 


4 thoughts on “Week 7: Web 2.0 Assignment/ Twitter Reflection

  1. Edwina Burke

    Hey Katie, I enjoyed your blog post, however, I was not able to view your Glogster because you have it as private, not public. I wish you would change it because I would love to see it. Your topic idea was very good, what better subject to teach about than our wonderful state in which we live. Students need to know about their state and its many interesting facts. I have found that some students are not familiar with our state’s bird, or flower, or even the nickname, so I think that is very important for them to know. How will they know where they’re going if they dont know where they came from. I guess we all really enjoyed the Classtools, I really enjoyed creating my tests. I enjoyed yours too, I matched all the state facts in 91 seconds, so thats good, Im proud of myself. I agree with you about Twitter, I never would have ever thought about using it until I started this course and I have really had an eye opening experience. Out with the old in with the new. I am so thankful to have learned about the many technology devices and will stay afloat of utilizing them. I am a follower of Edutopia and Scholastic as well and I enjoy the interesting resourceful tools they offer. I enjoyed it and will check back to see if your Glogster is open.

  2. Talitha Fleming

    I love your unit on Alabama history. This has always been a favorite subject of mine. The technology offers students so many fun ways to become familiar with the facts on the state of Alabama. I had never used twitter before this class either. Although I wasn’t very sure about it to begin with, I have found some very helpful information there and feel it is a great tool for teachers to use to engage their students in learning.

  3. csparks1

    Hey Katie! Your glog looked great. Also, what a great idea. I think this is a engaging and creative way to teach about the state! The matching game is fun a tool as well! I would enjoy this lesson. Also, I felt the same way you did about twitter, but after looking through the site for several weeks I can see the benefit. Great Project!

  4. hrhodes50

    Katie, you can’t go wrong teaching about Alabama! I was the same about the use of social media sites. I had never planned to use twitter. However, I can see where it can be beneficial to educators and even students. I am too still learning how it all works. I think the more I get on it and play around with the more I will be able to do. It’s always great to stay open minded. We have learned so much about technology in this class. Great Lessons!


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