Week 5 Blog Assignment:

This week involves different types of instructional software. This is used for instruction and added instructional support for students. Drill and Practice, tutorial, simulation, instructional games, problem solving and integrated learning systems are easily used in the classroom.


Drill and Practice: A good way to see where students stand on multiplication facts is to have available software such as http://resourceroom.net/math/1timestables.asp#practice. Students are able to see where they stand and which tables they need more practice with before major tests.

Tutorial: These are good for self paced learning for students with good feedback in return for completion. http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/Lessons/. This would be a good center activity to have students work on at lap tops in whatever subject matter you wanted.

Simulation: This is great for science classes where demonstrations and experiments are not able to be done frequently. Gives students “hands on” activities they are able to enjoy and learn from.http://www.digitalfrog.com/products/frog.html gives easy to use instructions on performing virtual dissections.

Instructional Games: Jeopardy Review Generator was a game we always played to review content when I was in school. It is an interactive and fun way to review for unit tests or major quizzes. http://superteachertools.com/jeopardy/

Problem Solving: Focuses on content area skills or environments that students must work their way thru to obtain correct answers. Most students would love these type of games due to having to use all aspects of their skills to complete levels.http://www.edb.utexas.edu/alienrescue/.

Integrated Learning Systems: Provide computer instruction and reports back to instructors letting them know where students stand on scores.http://www.compasslearning.com/our-approach Compass Learning monitors students progress and feedback is given to help them personalize each students plan of assignments and studies.

Using all of these software opportunities broadens the students ability to succeed within the classroom setting and allows you as the instructor the ability to see their progress on more than just weekly and unit testing.

Roybler, M. D., & Doering, A. H. (2012). Integrating educational technology into teaching. (6th ed., pp. 82-104). Boston: Pearson.

Twitter find of the week is from Punflay @Punflaykids and is a frog dissection app for teachers that students can have awesome graphics and interactions they normally would not get on a daily basis.

Punflay @Punflaykids Frog Dissection – Teachers with Apps – http://goo.gl/WLz2M  #ED50591UWA


4 thoughts on “Week 5 Blog Assignment:

  1. Talitha Fleming

    These are great websites! I have always love the Jeopardy game for students. They really seem to enjoy it and it can be played whole group. I feel this kind of software is very beneficial for students to learn. It’s also a great tool for struggling or ESL students to give them another avenue to master these skills.

  2. Edwina

    Katie, you have some very interesting software resources that I must check out. I think it is so beneficial on students’ learning to have wide arrays of different softwares that appeal to their diffrent learning styles. It’s differentiated instruction in a digital way. Teachers are able to walk around and obseve the students’ progresses while they play and learn. Where would we be without technology. I enjoyed it.

  3. csparks1

    Hey! Thanks for sharing these sites. The jeopardy game looks like a great resource to use for a fun way to review lessons before exam day! Also, the problem solving site I will add to my favorites for use in reinforcing content area skills.

  4. hrhodes50

    Great websites and uses of each. I agree that educational software is a great way to add to what your students are already learning in the classroom. I like the jeopardy game review, it would be great to use whole group.


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