Week 4 Assignment:

This week I found a link on-line to an interesting article about technology advances in the classroom and how they benefit the students involved : http://www.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=3754742 .

I am a big advocate for iPads and iPods along with laptops for one on one enrichment with students. I am not on board however with cell phone use in early grades, as the article does suggest high school help and learning with cell phones. The benefits of students having access to tablet use could increase learning and their grades!

A twitter reference involving ipads in schools was found on
@Punflaykids iPads Transform Classrooms http://www.ksee24.com/news/local/iPads-Transform-Classrooms-177057391.html …

As well as another tweet from

Punflay@Punflaykids  Top 20 Must-Have Educational iPhone & iPad Apps Used By Real Teachers in the Classroom http://ow.ly/faZsH 

That listed several cool apps for those of you who already have access to iPad use in your classroom!

I feel like these two technology forms would be useful in many center activities with elementary students, intervention help times, and individual times throughout the day where certain Apps or activities could be planned for instructional aide purposes depending on what each student needed.

I have seen many cool apps for Science including interactive dissection lab activities, experiments, 3d Brain activities and more space apps than you can count! History takes you back to olden times where students can see and learn more they would during a 30 minute whole group instruction period where technology is not used first hand. We all know and can agree the Math help and practice that is available is a positive experience for students who get to experience it first hand! The iPad and iPod touch can be super useful in all areas of teaching not just the ones mentioned. If funded in schools I believe grades could see major improvement as students become interested and engaged; as well as excited about learning!


5 thoughts on “Week 4 Assignment:

  1. Edwina Burke (@EBurke_ClassyE)

    Hey Katie, this was a very interesting article. I am totally for the new technologies in the classroom and I have to say the iPad is one of my favorites. I, however, do worry about the decrease in students’ motivation and engagement once the iPads are put away. Do you ever wonder about this or have you experienced it with your students? I agree that the new technologies do “spark” the classroom instructional time, but are our students still retaining the learning once they’re gone? What do you think? I enjoyed it and have a nice day!!!

    1. woodsk22 Post author

      I am not teaching while we are living here for this short time. However I have seen a greater interest in students when technology is used in lessons throughout the day. I know I would pay more attention if it was me in their shoes……..instead of hearing a teacher verbally lecture or use a plain whiteboard for notes 🙂

  2. csparks1

    Hey! Thank you for sharing the article and links for apps. I agree I do not see the benefit of cell phone use at elementary grades for education. However, the iPad offers many educational advantages. It allows the student to locate information and solve problems quickly. I feel this is important because this is how things are done in the “real work field”.

  3. hrhodes50

    There are some really great apps for all subject areas. I really feel that in the near future we will be using iPads instead of books. They are just too wonderful to keep out of the classroom. I also think that intervention time is a great use if the iPad. The instruction would be very individualized.

  4. Talitha Fleming

    This a great list of apps for use in the classroom. Thanks for sharing! I love using the iPad in the classroom. I feel it really helps to engage students in lessons. My kindergarten class gets so excited when we use the iPad cart, they absolutely love it! It’s a great tool to have in the classroom.


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