Week 3 Blog Assignment

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YouTube Video: “Elementary Student Blogs:Innovative Classroom Technology” by Jon Schwartz

Link to Website: “Technology Integration for Elementary Schools” on Edutopia:

Twitter Technology Reference:
EdTech K–12 Magazine ‏@EdTech_K12 How to get your students to pay attention through technology http://ow.ly/ewYfY  via @daveandcori #k12 #teachers #edtech
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My favorite Technology use in the classroom:

Clicker image from : http://www.innovations2010unco.pbworks.com

The use of student response systems otherwise known as clickers is a great resource to have and be able to use in the classroom. The ease of polling the class to find out who is comprehending lessons, without embarrassing shy students  or calling on the same students over and over makes teaching and assessing much easier. By using clickers, the teacher is able to see who is grasping info and who needs more time on the subject or other reinforcement activities planned for their intervention time periods. This allows test results to be predicted in advance based on the results form the polls in class. “As standards and accountability loom ever larger on the horizon, continuous assessment becomes more important, making it easier to guide student progress and to ensure success on tests (Roblyer & Doering 2012).”

Robley, M. D., & Doering, A. H. (2012). Integrating educational technology into teaching. (6 ed., p. 11,28). Boston: Prentice Hall.




4 thoughts on “Week 3 Blog Assignment

  1. csparks1

    Hey! I enjoyed reading through your blog. Edutopia is a very good site for all things education! Also, I liked your video. My post this week was around my new favorite technology is blogging. It was interesting to see how the teacher in your video is implementing blogging in his class to encourage creativity and a love for writing. I look forward to trying to do the same!

  2. robynshelton

    I too have a student response system. Mine is made by Promethean, but I think they are in essenc estill the same thing. I so do love mine, too! It allows for wonderful interaction with the kiddos and instant feedback on the information! Whoever came up with these was a genius!

  3. mjackson2012

    I have never used clickers in the classroom. I have never had access to any, but reading here and on the internet, they would be something I would ‘love” to try. Something that would be good for all students. Some students that hate talking out loud could still participate.


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